Sports Injuries

Competing or training in sport too often or too hard may result in injury. Failing to warm up properly beforehand, or warm down and stretch after exercise may also result in strains, either accumulative or sudden. Using inappropriate equipment or wearing the wrong footwear may likewise cause pain.

  • Golfers – there may be an issue of not being able to get sufficient rotation with the backswing. This is often a result of poor posture when addressing the ball. Weekend golfers that sit hunched over in front of a computer are most at risk of this problem. Shoulder pain and restriction, Golfers Elbow, or painful wrists are also very common due to repetitive occupational use compounded by an incorrect grip or swing.
  • Runners – common and minor running injuries and tensions include Achilles heel tendonitis, heel pain, calf strains, shin splints, knee pain, hip and low backpain. The location of the pain isn’t always where the problem is! Therefore, a functional assessment of how you use your body when running is required, either in the treatment room or being videoed running outside in your normal running gear.
  • Swimmers – most problems occur with shoulders and or neck. This normally results in significantly reduced stroke efficiency and maybe too much body roll with your freestyle? Even if you are not in significant pain, lap times will increase and symptoms will increase with overworked muscles. Breast stroke can result in knee pain if not performed well enough.
  • Cycling – Sometimes training hard for a sportive or a charity ride requires putting in mile after mile of road cycling. Staying in the saddle for prolonged periods can lead to low back and neck pain, leg pain (especially ITB pain) and shoulder stiffness. Using a range of treatment techniques alongside exercise prescription can enhance comfort on the bike and improve cycling performance.

Dance Injuries

Struggling with form, movement and shape? Reduced turn out? Pliés and Développés not as good as they could be? Auditions looming and in pain? You can be assured of a professional detailed assessment that will provide you with an accurate diagnosis and thus get you back into shape and performing better than ever with exceptional speed. Not only will a clear explanation be given a combination of treatment therapies (ultra sound, sports massage, manipulation, dry needling) can be used. You will also be given a tailored management plan i.e. exercises and dos and don’ts.