Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will last approximately one hour and will consist of taking notes on your problem and medical history, examination, diagnosis, treatment and finally exercises or advice. You will be asked various questions about your general health both past and present. Sometimes this may seem irrelevant but there can be complex compensations or referral patterns occurring that maybe missed if a detailed history is not taken. It also may help to decide if it is necessary to recommend further diagnostic tests such as blood tests or X-Rays which may be organized via your G.P. or privately depending on the situation. (Private MRI for one region is £200-250.)

Chaperones are most welcome during any treatment and indeed necessary for anyone under 16.



During the Examination, you may be asked to remove or temporarily move some items of clothing to allow accurate assessment. This may rarely require undressing down to underwear but only if you feel comfortable doing this. To aid an effective examination and reduce any embarrassment, please feel free to bring shorts and or a vest to change into. There will be room and time to change if necessary.



Diagnosis follows the examination and involves being given an explanation of what the most likely cause or causes of your problem is and the best strategy for achieving improvements. This may include treatment, specific exercises and or general advice. If you struggle to understand the diagnosis, please feel free to ask for further clarification in more simple terms.



Unless there is a request for a longer appointment normal treatment last approximately 30 minutes. Techniques are generally gentle but on less responsive patients there may be a requirement to work deeper but treatments will always be tailored to suit the individual, treatment varies depending on your age, fitness and diagnosis. Different approaches will be explained and discussed fully with you before any treatment commences.

Most osteopathic treatment is gentle and should not cause undue discomfort, although assessment and treatment may require the handling of painful areas. Most people find treatment relaxing. Some patients experience soreness after treatment, similar to that felt after unaccustomed exercise. This usually lasts no more than 24 – 48 hours.

How long will it take to improve?

If the problem is straightforward both diagnostically and technically, most people notice a significant reduction in symptoms in 1 to 4 treatments. Complex or longstanding problems may require a longer treatment programme.

Exercises and/or advice

A tailored approach to provide exercise and/or stretches, as well as basic nutritional advice, can be given for pain, flexibility and postural issues as well as for sports injuries, golf swing biomechanics for injury prevention and lowering handicap, core stability and pilates based rehabilitation, breathing disorders (esp. hyperventilation and panic attacks).