The EOC Clinic has been fortunate enough to receive some very kind words from happy clients:

An excellent Osteopath, thoroughly recommended!!

…Just to let you know Sophie has been sleeping through the night consistently for almost the last 2 weeks!!

Highly professional and excellent treatment in a calm and relaxing clinic. Robert takes the time to ascertain exactly what the problem is and its cause, and explain the treatment (which has been very successful!) I would highly recommend Epsom Osteopathic Clinic.

Over the years Rob has treated my 3 young girls, my husband and myself for various problems such as Torticollis, Kidney function, migraines etc. with amazing success . We are all greatly thankful to him and can offer only the highest recommendation.

After a recommendation from our NCT course teacher, we took our Son Miles to see Robert. Miles was constantly very uncomfortable during his feeds and seemed to be suffering pain. He also had very painful wind after the feed as well and we were told that sometimes osteopathy can help. The initial consultation was mainly a qualification of the way he fed, how often, how long etc. Robert then observed Miles’ behaviour whilst feeding and he gave us a very realistic course of treatment that could at least make him more comfortable. He mentioned that we could hope to see a 75% improvement, and even after the first session, there was a notable difference. After the course, I can honestly say that he feeds like a different baby and has continued to do so ever since. My husband and I would thoroughly recommend this treatment. Miles experienced very little discomfort and it certainly made feeding a more pleasant experience.

We first took our daughter to see Robert when she was about 3 months old as she was really unsettled and wouldn’t lie flat to sleep. After just one session we saw an improvement and by the time we’d completed 5 sessions she was sleeping in her cot and generally much more settled during naps and at night. We have been back recently and again found the sessions really helpful. We found Robert really honest, approachable and understanding and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone thinking about cranial treatment.

A friend recommended I see Robert. The treatment was gentle and non intrusive. My son and I would sit on the floor playing with toys while Robert gently worked on him. Within a few sessions, I could see the difference. My little boy was happy, attempting to repeat everything I said to him and walking without the aid of furniture or a helping hand. I am very grateful to Robert for all his help and I will continue to take my son back for booster sessions throughout the winter as and when needed.